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tit for tat adv. 针锋相对; 以牙还牙,一报还一报; 形近词:Tit for Tat 双语例句 1 Our policy also was set long ago& to give tit for tat, to fight for every inch of land. 我们的方针也是老早定了的,就是针锋相对,寸土必争。 2 Gary L...

tit-for-tat [英]['tɪtf'ɔ:rt'æt][美]['tɪtf'ɔ:rt'æt] n. 针锋相对; 双语例句 1 The two countries have each expelled another diplomat following a round of tit-for-tat expulsions. 在一轮针锋相对的驱逐事...

tit-for-tat [英]'tɪtf'ɔ:rt'æt [美]'tɪtf'ɔ:rt'æt n. 针锋相对 [例句]Tit-for-tat trade measures and legal challenges are on the increase. 针锋相对的贸易措施,和法律方面的挑战正在逐渐增加。

tit for tat 以牙还牙,针锋相对 双语例句 1. “We're very leery of a tit for tat situation,” he added, while acknowledging that theanti-China rhetoric is “good politics. “我们非常害怕会出现针锋相对的情况,”他补充道,尽管承认说,反...


tit for tat with forgiveness 针锋相对的宽恕 双语对照 例句: 1. If you die tomorrow do you take any forgiveness with you? 假如明天死去,你会原谅自己吗?

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